[Solved] Why my permanent force is so slow?

I putted my permanent force to 0 degrees and 100 pixels. Why is it so slow? How do i fix it?

Hi, your 100 pixels is the distance your object moves within a second.

The actually quite obvious answer to your question is that you can just increase the number of pixels (for example to 200 or 300) until you find a value that works for you.


But the permanent force act like instant force, even its already permanent

Did you try to increase the number? Is there any change?

After trying Drona’s suggestion, if you don’t have your problem solved you better show your events, because your first complaint is that the movement was slow, but now you say that permanent force acts like instant force. :thinking:

Did you want the speed to increase as frames passed? Maybe your event is only being true in a single frame. This is my suspicion… but we need to see your related events like I said to understand what is going on.

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nevermind, i found out it was an event that always stop permanent force