[SOLVED]Why Only 5 Apple Mobile Builds A Month?


With my subscription I only get 5 monthly Apple mobile builds?
Seems unfair…

Jesse Lee

I’m not sure I understand your question. You only get 5 mobile builds a month because that is what is included with the subscription tier you paid for.

If you are needing more, subscribe for more. It’s not free for the GDevelop company to run the systems needed to build iOS apps, so the builds using their system have a cost.

You are always welcome to do local builds for free if you have the hardware, and there is no limits to local exports. Do note that Apple requires a MacOS device to build for iOS.

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I was comparing to the 100/day Android cloud builds.
5/month is quite small for Apple mobile cloud builds.

Jesse Lee

That question makes more sense.

As far as I know, it falls into the same info as above. The servers and tech required to do remote iOS builds are substantially more expensive than those needed for Android builds due to the MacOS requirements.

Ok, I understand now, thanks!

Sorry for the confusion…