[SOLVED] Why the score increase/decrease crazily?

Hi, one part of my game consists of a drag-and-drop question. In this part of the question, the player uses the mouse to drag the answer and drop the answer into the empty box will gain a score. Now the problem is when the answer is dropped to the empty box the score will increase or decrease continuously. How to stop the score from increasing or decreasing continuously to get a certain number. I want the correct answer to gain a score of 10 and the wrong answer score to deduct 10 like a platformer game collect coin scoring.

The score increase/decrease continuously problem

This the event for the drag-and-drop

This is a computer game.
Thank you for taking the time to read, If anyone can help it would be appreciated.

Hi there, you can use a Trigger once to your conditions. The way it is now, as long as the objects are in collision with NewSprite22, the scores will decrease or increase.

Thank you it works :+1:

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