[Solved] X scale of sprite grow incrimentaly over time

Kind of new still, so sorry if this seems noob.
basically, I want a sprite…say a box…to increase its width when i click a box once until it reaches a certain width and then stop. I dont want it to be instant, I want it to grow over… say… 3 seconds or so.
I know it will involve a timer, but i’ve been pulling my hair out for hours and have made some convoluted behemoth of useless junk.

help my friends… please… help


not necessary use a timer for this, if you aren’t want to be precise.
my idea for this task:

if user click the box :arrow_right: than set a variable’s value to the target width
if object width is below the target value :arrow_right: than grow object (set object width = object actual width + n)

it will stop rgowing, when it is reaches or exceeds the target value. the “n” number’s value will determine the rate of growht.

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like this

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that’s not what I meant, but if it work it’s OK.

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You guys are awesome. That’s working for me now. Now that I have a nice simple solution, I can polish it and grow it out.

Many thanks as always.

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