[Solved] Y-sort not working?

Y-sort isn’t working properly and I don’t know why.video of Y-sort not working

Hi there, it looks like it’s working properly. It sorts by y position and since the tree is taller than the player, it really does have a lower y position until the player climbs up it a bit. I usually have to edit the extension to

for that same reason.

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Like this?

If this is what you meant it’s still not working.

Behaviors are made up of events, you can open their content and change it, just changing the z-order of the tree probably wont work because the behavior is overwritting it.


By default the z-order is based on the Origin point of the object, which is normally in the top left corner of the object, and for the z-order to work as expected, you need a point at the bottom of the object, so you either need to create a new point in the object for z-order, and then use the action to change the z-order to that point (for all objects that should work with z-order), or you can move the origin point to the bottom - as long as you are not using the Origin point for anything else.

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Are you doing the same for the player? If you do it without the behavior, stationary objects would only need the z-order set **at the beginning ** while moveable ones would need to be updated on each frame without any conditions.

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I edited the points, it’s working now. Thanks to all of you.

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