[Solved] Yarn? How to access it?

I was reading this article, but can’t find any info about Yarn on wiki.

So has it been not implemented yet? I can’t seem to find it in the editor (it would be nice for the visual novel I want to work on).

Yes it was implemeted. Use the action Dialogue Tree (experimental)/Load dialogue tree from a json file and then on the pencil to open the yarn editor.


I made a super simple Yarn tutorial in case anyone was stuck (like I was!) Hope it help beginners like me:

Also I have example code on github if anyone want it!

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  • Can you post the link:笑脸:

Please stop spamming your tutorial on multiple topics @maine.inventor . promoting your tutorial once is ok but spamming it everywhere is just annoying for everyone.

Sorry, first time on any board ever. Didnt want to actively spam, just added to related threads. Thank you, will post carefully.