[Solved] Yarn nodes not working

I am using Yarn for my visual novel and part of it involves asking questions. However, these few lines of code below are breaking the entire dialogue system. This is in the 2nd node, and with these lines of code, the 1st node no longer skips to the 2nd one after finishing, which it does normally. However, I need it to be able to only display 2 options until one of the options has been completed for the 3rd option to show up. How do I fix this?


For starters, Yarn variables should start with a dollar sign.
Aside from that, are you saying that the whole screenshot is the issue, or only the last five lines?

As Gruk said, Yarn variables need a dollar sign before them e.g. $VictimRead, but you don’t need a dollar sign in your events when referencing them. I did a tutorial about Yarn variables that might be helpful.


The entire screenshot, which I now realize is because I do not have the $ in front of it. Thanks!

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Thank you! I’ll check it out if need be :smiley: