[Solved] Yarn - Options not showing/lines not changing

So, I’m having some present troubles with the yarn editor. I’m using GDevelop as program of choice for my game development course, and for my next project, I want to make a short visual novel, so I’ve made a testing file just to get used to how to put stuff together in Yarn. And I don’t know if I’m just not doing something right, but I haven’t been able to get dialogue to progress past the first line. I’ve also been having issues with creating option lists - I can get them to appear, but only for split seconds.

This is a screenshot of my events, so can someone please tell me if I’m just doing something wrong?

I’ve also had issues where trying to code in the text scroll makes it where the first line of dialogue doesn’t show up at all, even when I perfectly copy the example code from the yarn example.

Any input would be greatly appreciated!

Hi, if you really have a node named “Start” on your yarn, then I think that the error may came from the start dialogue from branch that don’t use any condition to start. So it keeps restarting.

Try to put it inside the at beginning of the scene…

What should I put in my code to get it to work properly, then? I’d tried a variety of things, but could only get my text to work when i put the starting branch as “Start”, which is the name of my node that has the initial testing dialogue and the code for the option lists. I’m still pretty new to game design itself, and newer to gdevelop and yarn, so any help would be appreciated!

You have to give it a condition…once something happens, you give it the instruction to start the dialogue. If you don’t constraint it it will make un endless loop always restarting the dialogue. You should put it in the condition at the beginning of the scene ( together right after the load dialogue data) if it’s your plan to start the dialogue when the scene starts. Hope it makes sense what I’m saying.

I tried putting it in the beginning of the scene condition already, and it didn’t work. That’s why I moved it out. Should I do something like add a trigger once condition to the event?

I’m gonna test it now to see if I can help you better this time…

Thank you so much! Get back to me when you figure something out! :slight_smile:

try with this :slight_smile:
Hope it helps you, I created a global variable named runningDialog and after it starts the dialog that var changes to 1 so it’s called only once.

That worked! thank you! I’ll simply have to make a slight workaround for the first button press to change the dialogue, but that wont be hard to implement. Thank you so much!! My visual novel project is saved!

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