[SOLVED]You must complete the advertising ID declaration before releasing an app that targets Android 13 in 5.1.157

Guys pls I need help with that google play console ID declaration problem
Even though I have the latest Gdevelop version, the problem still persists

pls I need a solution guys, this problem stopped me from publishing my game for 6 months now…I dont know what to do, do I have to do something else after updating Gdevelop ?

Initial disclaimer: 5.0.140 is a very old version, and there has been numerous updates relating to ad APIs since then.

Old versions of the app are unsupported, so you will need to upgrade to the newest version before people can assist.

That said, as far as I know all android declarations (advertising or not) are done in the Android SDK before building your APK. I don’t know that anything on the GDevelop side can be done to prep you for that. This isn’t saying that there isn’t something that can be changed, I’m just personally not aware of anything that we can do on this side.

You’ll likely need to change your android manifest files in the android app studio, and will need to research details on how to do that for the advertising ID.

To me it looks as if you did not go into App Content and set your declaration to Yes I am going to use advertising ID (this is an ID that will be given to people that install your app to track their movements, habits and usage. This is only for apps that do not target children as there are laws to protect children from being exploited like that) or No I am not going to use an advertising ID.

So set your declaration to either of those options and see if the warning goes away. If you set it to Yes you will also need to fill out a section declaring how you will be tracking your app users with the advertising ID. As for the com.google.android.gms.permission.AD_ID that you need if you choose Yes I’m going to track users with a unique ad id, it is already in there.

Oh and by App Content I mean on your play console, not in GDevelop. This is just part of your app info you fill out so Google can disclose privacy issues to consumers.

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i have version 5.1.157 I wrote 5.0.140 by mistake…I do know that the ads ID declaration can be done in the manifest file of the game, but the problem is that I don’t know where to find it.
can I even have access to the manifest file when my game is made with Gdevelop ?

thank you for the informations my friend , I’ve checked it out and yes, you’re right I didn’t set my declaration, but I didn’t uderstand somthing, when to say YES and when to say NO.
pls take in cosideration that my game DO target childrens and thanks again.

In App Content if you selected the age groups 9-12 and under on Target Audience and Content then from what I understand you have to select No, you can not assign the users of your app a unique advertising ID to track them.

This has nothing to do with your admob id or mean you can’t show ads.

But if you do have ads, your ads and ad partners will have to comply with Google Play’s Families policy. So for this admob will be a very safe partner for you because if you select 9-12 or under as your target audience (and don’t include older age groups) in your play console, they automatically show the appropriate ads and will not track.

If you select a mixed age group like children and adults, you actually have to include some stuff which sounds like a potential headache so I would either just select for children or select adults and make a screen that the user has to enter their birthdate before playing (on the app you selected as for adults).

Oh and when to say Yes? If you or third parties (such as ad partners) you are using want to track the users of your app. For example to show ads of things the user will likely be interested in based on their habits and activities.

I’m only using admob as an ads partner without any other third parties and my game target all ages from children to adults…for me I don’t want to track the users of my app but I don’t know if the admob do ?
pls excuse me for these questions but I really want my game to be published with the ads working…you don’t have any idea on how much I’m happy now because after all these time i found someone to help me…for 6 months i didn’t know about that YES or NO step that i didn’t complete, now I see hope thanks to you.

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pls if anyone knows if a game that target all ages and uses only the admob have to say NO or YES to the advertising ID declaration tell me

When you say targets all ages what do you really mean? There are very few games meant for children that I, an adult, would enjoy playing. But there are quite a few games I enjoy playing that my young child might pester me to get for them. Those games are not specifically targeting that young age group and many of them require the user to agree that the user is over 13.

So if what you really mean is that somewhere, some child might want to play your game, you’re really not responsible if the parent allows them to download it and click the agreement that the game is intended for ages 13 and up. So just target it for adults and save yourself the drama. Put Yes in the ad id, select For advertising purposes in the section after that. In your admob dashboard go block the types of ads you don’t want to allow, etc.

By the way this opens your ad pool to a much broader selection of ads than an app that is genuinely targeting the 3 year old market or mixed age family market.

thank you a lot man , I answered with yes and the problem is solved, now I can continue my game journey, thanks again for your help, you’ve saved me from a problem that got my game stuck for a long time

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