Some dialogue not loading

How do I make single choice branches work with YARN?

I’m making an RPG so I created a simple scene to test out the YARN feature with a test dialogue tree. When I press “q” it goes to the next line. When a choice comes up, I scroll and press “q” to select my response.

Here’s my code:

My problem, sometimes the options to choose the next dialogue won’t show up - it just skips ahead to the next branch.

e.g. the Begin and whoareyou branches show their response choices, but the rest won’t. The text of the yourweird branch plays, then when I press “q” it doesn’t display the option to respond and just moves ahead to the thisgate branch.

I think it’s because the branches it doesn’t work on only have one option for a response, so it just skips and goes to the next branch, since there’s no other branch the user could choose to go to at that point.

Anyway, how do I prevent this from happening. I know it’s weird to give players one choice, but that’s what I want.

Also, as a side, the last line of text it displays before ending the entire conversation only stays on screen as long as it’s in the process of scrolling, then disappears. I’d rather have the player press “q” to make it disappear, so they have time to read it.

Thanks in advance for the help!

Single options are treated as jumps to other nodes, this is expected behavior.

Regarding your other issue, this new line with 4 spaces should work:

Thanks! I tried the four spaces, and it didn’t work. It just deleted that line when I left, but I followed that logic and did a line with three dots instead. Now it just looks like it’s loading when the conversation ends, which actually works out good!

Also, is there no way to bypass the node jumping? I’ll see if some kind of trick like the other works too, but I feel like there’s some obvious answer right under my nose.

No bypass, need to find a workaround for that too.

Hmm. That’s too bad. Well, I suppose every program has it’s limitations. Thanks for the help, tho!