Some Features , Questions and Bugs [Edited jul31]

Hi ! I didn’t know where i should say this , so if this is a wrong topic in here . . . :smile:
FEATURE:1 : so i create an sprite and give it a pic after that i don’t like that pic and i want to change it but that sprite is in other scenes too (not as global) so i change the source i mean the pic ( i replace new pic instead of old pic ) but the sprite still uses the old pic till i click on the sprite then double click on the animation frame that i cha nged can u guys (or girls) make a refresh button or just make refresh on click on the scene . . . :slightly_smiling_face:

FEATURE;2: i make a pic with 200 * 300 (or anything else) but the real pic is 150 * 200 i mean i just used 150 * 200 pixels and others are empty so can you do something to pic load as used pixels i think gamemaker or godot or unity have this option (i mean if u don’t understand what i mean) let’s show u some pics . … :slight_smile: :
this is the pic:
and the red lines are pixels should ignored :
and this is should be the picture and the blue lines are the … um . … like the blue lines in 1&2 picture
I used piskel for using pics !

BUG:3:and maybe its just my system but when i use a pic the resolution and quality will decrease

FEATURE:4: when i want export game i should login my account and everytime i open gdevelop i should login again (maybe there is a remember me but i didn’t see it if it’s like that so silly me and sorry )

QUESTION:5:for exporting the game i should turn on vpn (i live in iran ) so i wanted to know is it from u or us ? cause i can use ur sites without vpn and if it’s from us pls tell me to just send them a request . . .

6: (((don’t waste ur tine on this))) i use orange line to just dont let the player go in there and i make them with code (it’s ez acctually but i though it’s better to say it) and blue make z-order of player more than the sprite that is under the player
like this :

can u do womethn to just change the sprite when we create it

FEATURE:7: can u add a fullscreen , that the exit button and minimize and other things dont be

FEATURE:8 : and can u do something to use some of a photo like gamemaker u know theres a big pic with a lot of things in it like tree house and … and u can just take the tree and use it . . .
Srry for bad english and grammer and these things :slight_smile: !
and srry for this long topic
ty for reading this
ty for making gdevelop

Edited >>>
5:and if it’s from us can u say whats the name of server or website that gdevelop desktop connect to for login and upload

BUG:9: when i use ctrl+x or ctrl+c or just moving a full event with the actions and conditions the order of them will change u know the first action goes last and otherones are like this

FEATURE:10: can you make a condition if dialogue branch has been visited (after visiting all of the lines of a branch) ?? there is a condition but it will do the actions after the title visited ,

FEATURE 11 : so i do this with code by now but it could be good if u create some action or idk something that make it easier a black fadeout and fadein screen for change the scene and other things to use . . . (or maybe u have this thing and i didn’t notice )

FEATURE 12 : a lighting effect i think u had it in gdevelop4 i use 2 effect to have ligh but it’s not good looking

FEATURE:13: a live preview that we can change the things while we are editing codes and see the effects everytime i do something i should close the preview and open it agn

FEATURE 14: a action for making maximum slot of inventory

FEATUR 15 : for mamin a visual inventory u can add a empty object that connected to inventory maximum slot like if maximum slots of inventory is 10 then a object with 10 empty (nothing or null) add on object list and every empty of it represent a slot on inventory
(this one was ridiculous u can ignore it)

PLS if one of the developers is reading this pls say something like ok we will do it or we try or something else cause i just want to know that if u dont have time for this or javascript cant do this things or any other reason cause i think developers didnt see this and i come here and upload this topic agn and agn till one of developers see it . . .

ty agn

hi wow ty it was rlly fast

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1: This is in WIP, resources will be updated when it changed.

2: Even if unity show you the contour fit the sprite, the file have always these pixels in their data. It’s just a better look in the editor.
Or maybe you talk about collision and for this @L_e_m_o_n_T_e_a she gave you the answer.

3: It’s only in the editor this can be an option in preference for future.
If this happend in preview this mean you have a bad resolution or you downscale your sprite.

4: The account is remembered, unless you open multiple GDevelop application this affect the preferences and can unlogin you.

5: I’am not really familiar with network issue, i know the GDevelop server use Amazon services, for everything, website, build service, forum.

6: I don’t understand

7: There are action for that. Think to bind them on a key in an condition.

8: An spritesheet ? This will come after or with the tilemap object, it’s in WIP.

9: It’s known, i’ll try to up this issue because i don’t know how fix it. There was a discussion in the past about it. But without a good consensus.


See with the community and @blurymind, i’ve not yet tryed the dialogue feature deeply.

11: You can use the layer effects driven by an action in eventsheet with an lerp fonction for smooth the interpolation of the opacity on the leyer effect. There is an action for drive the value of the effects..
Or without effetcs: add a Tiled sprite object on your scene and drive the opacity with an action.

12: Lighting system is in WIP, i can said to everyone this will be available before christmas.

13: This is in the b98 pre release, download it on github.

14: I’am not familiar inventory system, i can’t help.

15: Same.

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very very ty :+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1: