Some ideas to make Gdevelop 5 even better also bugs i found.

First of all huge thanks for the great community and all the people working hard to make this program shine .

Some things to keep in mind in the future :-

1- An “auto save” feature … where the project just save in another file “every 5 mins for example” while you are working so for example if the project lagged or bugged … your progress is still there . cause i lost 10 hours of work in a game i was working on “this happened last month i think” and it was just frustrating to do all that work again .

2- “Save project as” is greatly needed in Gdevelop 5 .

3- When i click on an object … i need to see what var. it has from the properties menu . it’s annoying to search for the object then right click on the object then var. to see it . why not just put it there ?

4- The ability to set your own grid size “it’s always at the default 32*32”

5- “BUG” There is a bug that occurs randomly and it’s just super annoying “you can try it out” … if you changed the name of an object or copy and past an object … the whole program will just “crash” … yup … i had to restart the program so many times because of this “i think it happened when beta 47 got released” … really hope someone fix this .

6- The ability to pause many scenes not just one .

7- This one is important " The ability to drag and drop scenes so i can for example drag scene 1 which is under scene 2 and drop it on top of scene 2 so when i test it scene 1 will start then scene 2 "

8- In resources i need to be able to zoom in and out the object i choose … for example what if i’m making 88 game or 1616 the object sometimes is really hard to see .

9- The ability to drag collision points with just mouse “this is so important … makes life so much easier”

10- Don’t know if this is possible but why not add the ability to make folders in objects editor ? … so you can for example make a folder called monsters … another one called platforms and so on … it will make it much easier to find the object you are looking for .

I will add more if i find any more ideas / Bugs …

Have a nice day :slight_smile:


Object on the scene and in object list don’t have the same variable value (object have “instance variable” whereas object in the list has “object variables”). Basically, it the same in action/condition, but instance variable belongs to… the instance of the object.

Best you can do : register your variable in the object in the list with default value, si you will able to easily call it from action/condition from the events (with autocompletion), and test/manipulate value from all instance.

Just under “show grid”, there a button “setup grid” where you can set your own grid size.

I reported this bug few days ago, it’s corrected since V49.

Almost all your other suggestions are existing as idea on the trello, or was present in GD4, so i guess, with time, we will get these !