some info on the expressions

Ok, I am actually interested in making a game with pathfinding.

But due to the lack of documentation, it looks like I dont have any idea what I am doing. I cant understand some of the expressions.

The biggest problem is the lack of documentation on the way one can use syntax in the expression editor. So there is a lot of guessing - without the syntax autocomplete it is tough.


would you elaborate on explaining how this works. Also when creating the node objects, what does this do


I mean GetNode. Are these visible in the UI list? Is that getting coordinates to know where to create the nodes?
Is getNode a part of the engine or something created for the game? If getNode (or Get) is a command to do something- where can I read about it?

I wish for every example there was a youtube video that goes in detail how things are set. It’s more important to learn to do it myself than try to reverse engineer it. :smiley:

In the french videos the interface is in french so they are impossible

NodeCount refers to the number of nodes (or waypoints) that are composing the path followed by the objects.
GetNodeX(n) return the X position of the node having the index n in the list of nodes composing the path.

If you take a look at the example, the event is just creating object at the position of each node, so as to draw the path followed by the object :slight_smile:

All of these commands are listed when you edit an expression with the expression editor! :slight_smile: Just choose one expression, click on “Add” and Game Develop will ask you for the parameters it needs and will create the full formula.

awesome. Thank you for clarifying this. :slight_smile:
Sorry I was hoping to find a detailed documentation on what they do at the wiki page.
I suppose that writing it for every single item in that list is a humongous task

how do you use delta time and LERP in gamedevelop? It seems different to construct.
When I want a lerp operation, gamedevelop opens another expression editor

TimeDelta() is the elapsed time since the last frame, if you want to move an object 5 pixeles per second you could use (I guess you know how “+=” works):

Object.X() += TimeDelta()*5

LERP function opens a box to fill the parameters, the first parameter to fill is “a” in “a+(b-a)*x”, and allows you to open another expression editor to select an expression equivalent to “a”… you press “Ok” in the second expression editor and then in the parameter box. Then you have to fill the “b” and “x” parameters :slight_smile:

Thank you :slight_smile:

Someone should add these to the wiki. Or maybe they are but i didnt find them.