Some New Tutorials

I made some new tutorials on a couple of random topics:

Teleports (basics) : … 4jgyTWFOzQ
World Wrap : … 4jgyTWFOzQ
Gravity : … 4jgyTWFOzQ

I will also be adding more tutorials on beginner topics like these and some more advanced stuff and some more tutorials showing how to make various games from scratch (as I did with the 2d shooter and brick game already on the channel). If you like the tutorials, then please remember to subscribe. :wink: And if you have a tutorial request, then drop me a comment or something and I’ll try to get around to making it.

Great! Nice work :smiley:

Good job, many thanks! :smiley:
Do not hesitate to add “GDevelop” in the title and tags of your videos to make sure that people searching for tutorials and videos about GDevelop can find them :slight_smile: