Some questions about admob and app

hello i m making a game and i put a admob interstitial. but when i do the apk and i put the apk on my phone nothing is happening in the game. Do i have to upload on play store to see if it works do i have to do anything specific to connect my app to internet ? i put the id for the interstitial in the proprieties and the id in the admob load interstial correctly if u have an idea or an answer plz help me ^^

one more thing i’ve put 2 times the same interstitial at two different place idk if it s usefull…

you don’t have to upload to play store to work. Have you set your appid on the projecto properties?. You can try in test mode to see if it works.
For me it took some days for the admob account to start showing adds. And sometimes it takes long to load and show

i did my admob account 5 days ago you have an idea of what time it takes to see the first ones?
and does it take long time to load and show or is it instant?
ty for the answer

i do have an other question but not on admob. how can we put the screen on landscape by deffault cause when i m playing on my phone and i take it in portrait my game is divided by 4 and when I’m about to put it in landscape my screen stay small
sry for my english i hope you understand ^^

Be sure that in the admob account it is all set and says that you have ads assigned. Anyway if you set admob to test mode it should work with a test ad.
Seems that sometimes the ads are not shown, I’ve seen my game without ads, with a gray bar where the ad should be, sometimes load when playing. I had a problem with intersticials when not loading I got a gray screen.
So my advice use load banner and not show when finish downloading. Instead use the Banner Ready (or something similar) event to show your banner.
To set your game to landscape go t the project properties and set the correct width and height and check landscape tick.

ty so much for your help man