Some request on Text entry object and Text editing

While using the Gdevelop text entry object and Text editing event I face some common issue. I am going to describe this in detail.

#1 While working on pc game its hard to clear text with Backspace. Because the text clear trigger the
backspace only once. So if I hold the backspace it doesn’t clear the whole text.

#2 No highlighting text while selecting feature also a blinking “I” when the text entry is activated.

#3 No support for shortcuts… I didn’t find any way to Copy or Paste text or select the whole text with

#4 There is no built in Android keyboard support…there is a nice addon from Bouh about that … why
not we merge it with the default?.. so that when the text entry is activated and the device is
android, it trigger to open the keyboard.

:point_up_2:t2: I think this are some essential feature for text entry … and it will benefit the users

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To add some clarity: The Text Entry object, as defined, is literally just meant for capturing entered text.

It is not meant to have anything to do with text editing or display. What you’re describing sounds closer to requesting a rich text editing object be built.

As Text Entry doesn’t display text at all, #2 isn’t really relevant to Text Entry objects.

Same with #3, as Text Entry is only meant to capture keyboard input for normal characters, its not really going to monitor or react to keyboard shortcuts.

#1 would be applicable to text entry, though. There probably should be a toggle/property on Text Entry objects to allow for repeating characters (like backspace or holding a key down)

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Oh I just realize this… let me fix those :blush:

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