Some Suggestions

  1. Giving animations names. I don’t think numbers would work here. They can be stored as numbers internally, but come on - would you rather have animations 0, 1, 2 or “moving left”, “moving right”, “shooting”?
  2. Better scrolling. This was suggested before, and it can be achieved by clever usage of events (see this to see what I’ve done thanks to mtarzaim example [no more “limit” objects spawning]), but it should be built-in. In best case “center camera on object within limits” should be replaced with scrolling like in this example.
  3. Mode 7-like 3D. I knows true 3D would be hard to achieve, but we should have at least M7-like 3d. It’s not as hard as you may think - there are mode 7 extensions for MMF and even mode 7 RGSS script for RPG Maker (lookup NeoMode7 in google). Unfortunately I don’t have enough skills to do such extension myself (mainly camera rotating/moving, 3d calculations when camera is static are not problem for me. Also my C++ knowledge is quite limited)
    //edit 4. More shapes for making collision masks. Only rectangle is too less for many games. It’d be good if you’d also add circles and polygons. True, we can use pixel-perfect collisions and make hidden collision mask, but it is much easier to edit mask in object than in different sprite - basically you need to edit two images when one changes - mask image and normal image.

Like me the idea of the collision masks, but I would like that you can modify these collision masks with more presision (after creating the collision mask, modify it in the vertices, and can move the collision mask, for example), and would be excellent that you can create several collision masks, with diferent numbers, for use in conditions of collision, for example, If “collision mask=1” of “Ball_object” collision with “collision mask=3” of “Boy_object” == True, where collision mask=1 is the only collision mask of Ball_object, and collision mask=3 is the collision mask of the head of Boy_object.