Some Video Documentation for new users and educators

Hi, I’ve recorded a series of videos based on a ‘game jam’ class that I ran during January 2015.

If you’re a student from the class, a new users looking for some videos, or an educator looking to integrate gdevapp into the classroom, hopefully my recording can help get you started.

The class was split into a 3 hour session for under 10’s and a 3 hour session for young teens. Each class did very well and completed the work in the allocated time. They seemed to enjoy the software and their achievements!

I’m a novice with the software, so the information is fairly basic. It’s based on information that can be found on the blogs and the wikis ( … /tutorials)

Feel free to use and remix the information as you see fit :wink:

Really nice tutorials, should be added to the wiki :slight_smile:
Seems like I just messed up your last tutorial as before you made this tutorial I was testing something and I decided to grab my shared “layers” project to use it, but not realized the changes going to be shared until seen your tutorial :laughing:
I thought changes not affecting shared projects until it shared or re-exported again :blush:

Anyway I have just deleted all that trash from the project :stuck_out_tongue:

But really I think at least 3 layers should come with every project by default for such purpose.