"Something wrong happened"

I cant build a game. Here is what log says: {“id”:3460399,“platform”:“android”,“log”:"",“build_date”:“2019-03-17 16:23:10 +0000”}
What should I do?
Thanks for any help.

We are going to need more details than that, I think.
Can you share your project?
Do you have the same error if you try with an example project?

No it only happens with my project.
Here is link to my project:
Thanks for helping me.

It was building fine until I tried to change the controls because the controls were not working properly on android device. It was working only on preview. If you can give me an advice on how to make good android controls I would really appreciate it.

I now realized that there aren t every textures. At least you can check the events if it helps. It was supposed to be a simple bounce game. The problem would be probably in character controls.

Then the problem is somewhere inside your project.
I recommend you to go through your events and do some cleaning, the events will be easier to read, and mistakes easier to spot. Groups and comments are useful for that. Take a look at the examples to see how it can be done.
The build issue may be due to an action that has no condition, which triggers what is called an “infinite loop”. Keep an eye out for that.

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