Something wrong with my camera

Hello everything looked good on my game

Until a put the camera

Can you guys tell me how to fix it? I´ve tried changing things with the camera with no luck



How to fix what? You need to explain your problem if you want help. :grin:
You centered the camera on your player, so the camera moves to keep your player in the center.

The problem is if you see the second picture you can see everything but when I put the camera is like everything got descentered, I know I put the camera on the player but is there a way to put the camera and keep everything inside the view? it looks kind of weird like too much ground, you can´t see the ceiling and when you start you have a blank spot on the left side where there´s nothing there, it doesn´t look good.


If there’s too much ground, adjust the camera higher. In the platformer example, the camera only follows the X (horizontal) position of the player.
If there’s a blank spot on the left, maybe make the camera only follow the player after he has reached a certain point.

There are probably several ways of solving these two issues. Give it a try and let us know.

Another option would be the “Center camera within limits” and just make sure you set your x/y limits to match your desired level area.

Ok I’ll try that tomorrow and I’ll let you guys know if it works. Thanks

So I’ve been trying but couldn’t make it work, do you guys have an example I can follow? Thanks

There’s not really an example you can do for this, since the “Center within limits” depends on your limits. Can you show your events?