Sonic like dash

I want a dash like sonic’s spinddash like hold down and another button and it’ll shoot you forwards

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Does “shoot you forwards” mean “faster than normal top speed”?
If you’re using PlatformerObject, first add condition to check if the first key is being pressed, then add sub event to check if another key is being pressed, and insert Trigger Once.
In this sub event:
set a variable like “SpinDash” = 1 because we want to make the “faster effect” only once frame (or I’m not understanding you).
If the character should go faster, increase top speed. Change animation, and acceleration also if neccesary.

Then, above these events, create a condition to check if SpinDash = 1, and check if second key is released, then execute the events like changing animation, top speed, acceleration, back to normal. Set SpinDash = 0 also