Sonic style physics

how do I make simple sonic style physics

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GDevelop has the platformer example game that has the basic platform abilities. If this doesn’t meet your needs, could you elaborate to what else or extra you are after?

hello! the platformer example is too basic. i am aiming at some 360 physics like the physics in the classic sonic games

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You need to describe what you’re after in more detail. We can’t read your mind and the term 360 physics has no meaning.

Do you mean like running the loop de loop, and rotating to up-side-down position and back? If so, there are some threads already that have raised that question. It may pay to look into those first.

i mean sonic like physics. i mean the physics that are in the sonic the hedgehog games.
(and YES i looked in those threads)

Sorry, I’m really struggling to understand what you mean.

Can you describe how the sonics physics differ to the example platformer that comes with GDevelop? And what other behaviours you are expecting or would like to see happen? Just typing the same phrase in capitals (like you’re shouting) doesn’t explain it any better. You need to describe what it is you’re after, in some detail.

Have you looked into the Physics 2 behaviour? Does that help with what you’re after?

If not, then I’m sorry, I really don’t know what it is that you’re after. Maybe I’m missing something here, and someone else can answer who does understand what it is you’re after.

I’m trying to make sonic-style physics like in the 2d games.
something like this:
and I’m not that new to GDevelop that I don’t know how to make my own platformer and that I need to use the platformer example

I haven’t used the physics 2 behavior (cause I don’t even know how to use it)

Ok, so what I see in that video clip is Sonic running a loop and then launching into the air off one of the curved platforms. I’m guessing you’re after the rotating of the player when the platform curves up? Is this along the correct lines?

you see that sonic can just go around the loop 360?
i want THAT
i ALSO want that you can just TURN kinda like in the last part of the clip where he just goes straight into the wall and keeps running no problem

Do a search for “sonic” on these forums, you will find multiple threads talking about solving these types of design considerations.

I already did! but the other ones did not help me

Upfront, I think what you’re after is quite tricky to implement. If it were easy, it’d have been answered in that other thread (and other like it) ages ago. That looping technique isn’t easy to do, so don’t expect a quick “here’s how to do it answer”. It’ll require a large amount of work and thought from you.

Here are my observations from the video on the loop. Notice how at the very start of the clip, when Sonic is facing left, there’s a curved platform underneath? And also notice the curved platform near the end of the clip when Sonic launches into the air? Both those platform pieces make up the bottom part of the loop.

So, what if you make 4 platform objects like that, each a different 1/4 section of a circle? And when the player character is running and collides with it, you work out the path the player needs to follow (and the rotation that goes with it) to make it appear like the player character is running around on the curved platform? Gdevelop has the “Rotate around a point” action that comes in handy here. So pretty much the player hits the rounded platform, and then GDevelop takes away the player’s controls, animates the player character around the 1/4 loop before working out what to do next.

It’s just an idea, and will take a lot of thought and programming to put into place. It won’t be a simple implementation.

And that last part of the video clip is a bit of an illusion - Sonic’s run animation doesn’t stop playing but his momentum slows down.

To get the 360 behaviour in general, you could work out the and at which the player character is moving and use that to work out the rotation, or angle, of the character .

thank you. i will (try) to do what you have told. thanks (•ω•)

Sonic physics are everything but simple. You can take a look at this engine independent guide:

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ok then! i’ll take a look

Buenas tardes, perdĂłn por responder 2 anos tarde.
Encontre una manera de poder replicar estás físicas de forma manual, es decir, sin reproducir una animación, por ejemplo:
Al soltar el botón para avanzar al estar en un bucle Sonic se caerá, no se moverá automáticamente.
Li interesa saber cĂłmo lo hice?

¡Sí! lo siento por mi pobre español. realmente no lo hablo tan a menudo