Sound delay on a mobile device - even with "preload a sound"

I have noticed that there is a significant delay when playing a sound on a mobile device. Of course I have set the settings under the resources to “preload a sound”. I also tried playing the sound on a channel with volume 0 before using it for the first time in the game. Still, there remains a delay of about 300 - 500 milliseconds when playing the sound. I can’t find a solution there. Are there any ideas? Or is there nothing to do on mobile devices? I haven’t noticed any latency in other games though. Theoretically it must be possible?

It seems that the function “preload a sound” has no effect at all. I notice the same result whether the option is selected or not …

Please read

Thank you for the quote. I have read it. But it does not explain the delay in playing a sound for me. I am not talking about the music. I am talking about real, short sound effects.