[Sound] included soundfiles won't work

I got a serious problem to play sounds within my game…

I checked the Name/ Path/ Format etc. everythink’s ok so far. (preview within GD is ok, too)

If I compile the game the sound won’t play at another system. only at the system I compiled with its working without probs…

I am able to get the sound working with this workaround:

I delete the whole path within the code of GD except the name of the file (preview won’t work at this point because GD can’t find the file now). then I compile this project and copy the soundfile besides the compiled exe. this leads to a playback. … :frowning:

But this can’t be a workaround for large projects with many sounds. I can’t delete all the sound paths within the game (and then won’t be able to preview the sound in GD)

In case I am not fully aware of the correct workflow and the issue sits in front of the computer (as usually) , then enlighten me, please :wink: for me it sounds like a bug…, or at least a missing feature :wink:

It may be a bug : 4ian has recently changed the management of resource files, he has maybe forgotten the sound actions. :wink:

There is indeed a bug related to sound and musics in compiled games ( sound and musics files are simply not included to the compiled game ).
It’s fixed for the next version, thanks for pointing it out. :slight_smile:

Now you should know exactly what Santa could has in his bag for me :wink: