Sound is replaying from random points before finishing (SOLVED)

Putting music in my project is easy, but I tried using both .wav and .ogg files in my project, but they both kept looping the songs at random moments before the songs actually ended.

I decided to go back to using mp3 and while it plays the whole song from beginning to end, there’s a moment of silence that plays before it loops again.

I don’t know how to fix that.

@NS24, I moved your post to this new topic so the solution won’t get buried in the thread you originally put it in.

To help fix your issue, can you provide a screen shot of all the sound events you have in your game?

  • UPDATE - July 5, 2023
    If anyone sees this and also dealt with the same issue, my solution was using an app on PC called Audacity and cutting my songs at certain points within that app.
    A YouTube tutorial helped me with showing how to do that.

I’m leaving this reply here, in case anyone who dealt with this issue (or is still struggling with this issue) and other solutions you might have tried sadly didn’t work for ya.
Hopefully, this one does work.