Sound perfect looping

Hello :smiley: . I just got my music in the game and tried to loop it. after each cycle there is a 1 second lag before the next loop starts. Is it possible to loop it perfectly that the 1 second pause is not present. Thanks!! :unamused: :unamused: :slight_smile:

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Try with two different Actions : Play sound or Play song, and check loop in this event.

I also had this problem and recently fixed this issue (at least it works for me).
Instead of creating the action β€œplay a music” I choose the action β€œplay the SOUND” and select the music.
I compose my music on Reaper, so the end and the beginning perfectly matches for looping.

Hope that helps

@Manhsterz Hi, welcome. Please notice that the post you replied to is 6 years old, you have already confirmed that the described method works in the other post. Please don’t reactivate year-old topics.