Sound Slider problem

I have a slider in another scene which controls the volume of the music running throughout the the whole game but when i change the volume and go back to the slider scene the slider is in 100 already and then the volume also changer to 100 pls i need help

At the beginning of the scene, you need to read the value in "“sOUND” of storage “Volume” and use that to change the value of the SmallPlasticGreenRoundSlider object.

Wow you really just said sOUND I don’t know why I typed that maybe my caps was already on and I turned it off and then on idk :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

Wait how do I read can you send a screenshot pls sorry I don’t know I’m using storage for the first time without watching a tutorial or anything. :frowning_face: idk why I’m like this

If you’re saving to storage with these parameters:

then you can read it back in with these actions and parameters:

Make sure you use save and load a value to storage.

And if you are saving structures, use the actions as per this post.

Not working when i go back to scene the slider is back at 100