Space between lines

Is it possible to specify a space between the lines in a text or BBText?

Yes you can use the text manipulation tools by clicking the Sigma or “abc” button next to the argument box.

I have already tried those options, but none of this seems to do what I wish.

Can you explain what is exactly you’re trying to do then? Can you post a screenshot of what you tried before? It’s worth noting you can also add (concatenate) text using the modify text event, although if you already tried the text manipulation tools I assume you have tried this already.

I’m trying to reduce the space between the lines of a text, or increase .

You need to be a bit more specific. Are you saying you want to effect each space in between a string or in-between words, or a specific space? Or do you mean adding new lines to the text. Can you write out an example of what you want the end result to look like?

What have you tried already, and why do you say the text manipulation tools aren’t working for you?

Have you tried these options as well?

I need to reduce or increase the space between lines(strings) not between words.
For example:



I want to reduce the space between line 1 and line 2.

I see now, so you want complete control over the spacing like in microsoft word or google docs. I’m not sure that’s possible in Gdevelop. If changing the font size or adding lines manually isn’t enough for you, then you might just have to resort to using multiple text objects and arranging/creating them with the line spacing you desire. Maybe you could achieve something like this using bitmap text, but I’m not familiar enough with using it to give any proper advice. If you know a little javascript I’m sure you could whip something up that does this pretty easily.

ok. Using mulltiple text objects is what I’m doing, but it’s a pain. I have some fixed size squares and I have to put the text inside them, that’s why I would like to adjust the text according. But I appreciated your help. Unfortunately I don’t know JS at all. Many thanks.

I see, yeah it’s a pain, I’m considering making an extension that uses javascript to do this because I assume you’re not the first person to have this problem. I have to check the documentation first to see if that’s even something that can be changed.

If there are no options then I’d submit a feature request. They listen to their users.

It looks like the line size feature is part of the system that BBtext is based on but not in the Gdevelop patched version.
Under the hood, the extension uses a patched version of pixi-multistyle-text to support BBCode. If you’re interested in the technical details, the supported styling features are listed here.

Yep. There’s an option for spacing letters but not lines, although tere’s an option (not included) in this patch called “LineHeight”. I think this is what I need.