Space Shooter Sample Game.

I am new to this game creator, and it looks great, but i have become frustrated very quickly trying to do the Space Shooter Sample Game, I can change the Sprite of the ships ok, and the rocks, but no matter what i try the bullets of both the player and enemy are misaligned, I have been searching for hours for a tutorial on how to use the Space Shooter Sample Game to no avail, more than anything, I want the bullets to be in line with the space ship and not firing from behind and to the right of the spaceship, I have been searching the documentation and wiki for a way to do it for hours as well, again to no avail.
So while i go and try and build one of the other sample games that do have tutorials, I must ask Please does anyone know how i can get the bullets to align with spaceships in the Space Shooter Sample Game when i change the spaceship sprite to one of my own sprites.
Any help would be amazing and very much appreciated.
Thank you. :confused:

If you look at the code you’ll notice the bullets are created at a specific point, don’t remember the names, but you should see something like:

Create object Bullet at Spaceship.PointX(Cannon) ; Spaceship.PointY(Cannon)

This means you need to create the point “Cannon” in the new spaceship sprite, if the point is not found GD uses the Origin point, by default located at the top-left of the object.

If you change the bullet sprites in the future, make sure to update the Bullet “Origin” point, it is the reference point to determine the Bullet position. In other words, when you say:

Create object Bullet at Spaceship.PointX(Cannon) ; Spaceship.PointY(Cannon)

It means “Create the Bullet so the Bullet origin point is over the Spaceship cannon point” :slight_smile:

Hello Thank you
I am going to have to give this up, as i just can not understand the coding part of the program, the art is not a problem, i can create sprites and tiles and whatever i need but getting them to do anything has proven impossible, I have been trying to understand this program for well over 40 hours now and all i can do is change out a few images.
I can not even find the behaviour menu that shows on the videos in youtube, think it must have been removed in the new version as all the videos on youtube are from 2016.
As for the events section, being dislexic it has proven impossible for me to understand, and seems just as complicated as all the other coding languages.
After 40 hours of trying to learn how to use this program i have just come away with frustration, this is not an easy and fast way of making a game, it would take me months to learn how to code with this program, and that is only if i can find a tutorial that makes sense, i have watched loads of videos on youtube, but all i have learned is how to do the artwork, as for how to make anything work, that has proven impossible, and has totally put me off wanting to build any games, as the coding part is just impossible for me to understand.
I will just have to keep searching for a system that will let me build games without coding.
Thank you

Try this tutorial first: … nk-shooter
It walks you through all basics and then try this: … game/start
It introduces you to behaviors and variables.

Most video tutorials I believe for GD3 and 4.
Here are some video tutorials for GD5: … als/videos

In case you are using GD4, here are the tutorials on the old wiki:

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Thank you very much i will keep trying, but i am still having massive problems understanding the coding system.
I have watched this video a number of time now and i still do not understand what he is trying to do or why, and i really can not follow what he is doing as it really makes no sense to me, I really wish it did but i can not understand all the code. It is very very frustrating as it is the only part of this program that makes no sense, When i search google for a no code way of building games Gdevelop is the top answer, but it is not true you do need to code and learn how to code with Gdevelop.
I have tried the tutorials and i have now found out where the behaviour section is but still i find it impossible to understand the coding, I am sorry but my brain can not find any logic to the way the code is set up, I can read it but i am a a total loss as to how to create even a simple action with this code.
I seriously wish i could understand how the coding works with this program as i would love to build a game but as i just can not understand how it works, and the more i try and understand the more frustrated i am getting as it makes no logical sense to my brain.
I think it is best i just give up trying to build a game as a stupid idea, as it is clear i will never be able to code or learn how to code, which makes building games impossible for me.

Thank you for trying to help.

Just took a fast look to the video, seems that he/she is playing with some basic action for variables, trying to explain them.

In one event he/she has:

Conditions: Up key is pressed Actions: Do + 1 to the variable happy
So each time you press (or keep pressed) the “Up” arrow key, the variable “happy” will be increased by 1.

And in another event:

Conditions: No conditions (the same than always) Actions: Do = ToString(Variable(happy)) to the text of TextObject
This event always update the text object called “TextObject”, you have to give it a string, so he/she gives it “ToString(Variable(happy))”, ToString() converts a number into a string, and Variable(happy) reads the value of the variable happy.
Of course you need at least one instance of the TextObject in the scene.

Then continues playing with more variables.

Thank you i really appreciate you trying to teach me but i truly do not understand what you have written above.
I really do wish i could understand the variables and how the code works but it is beyond me.
I have been trying but it makes no sense to my brain, I will have to give up as it was a very stupid idea to try and build a game without being able to code.

I think the problem is that you are trying to learn by example without even know the basics. From personal experience learning by example is hard if you are not familiar with the topic. On the wiki you can find an explanation for each component of gdevelop, events, variables, behaviors, expressions an the tutorials I linked should be enough to get you started. Start at the beginning and if you don’t understand something specific, we can help. But when you say that you don’t understand anything it is a bit wide, you need to be more specific but first you need to learn the basics.


Yes i have been trying by example, as that is how i have always learned, but also with the basic tutorials.
I did read Both Tutorials but i am sorry the Events still do not make sense to me, I really wish they did.
I have tried building the Tank Shooter, read the tutorial like 100 times now but i can not get my stupid brain to understand the events, or variables no matter how hard i try.
I have messed up and tried again with the tank shooter way too many times today, i am at the point of smashing my computer i am so frustrated.
This is not good for my health, worst idea i ever had was thinking i would be able to build a game.


Let’s refresh some concepts:

  1. There’s no videogame without programming. A program is a series of commands that execute in some specific order, and tell the computer what to do. If you want your character to sport a blinking red glow every time it smash its small toe to the bed sprite, it have to be in the program (there’s no telepathic way to make your videogame guess what you want to do).

  2. Usually, programming languages (in other words: code) are used for programming purpouses, forgive the redundancy. But, in GDevelop there is no “code” (well, in fact there’s an event to add some Javascript code if you need it, but it’s not neccesarily in the 99.99999% of the cases).

  3. GDevelop advetsing isn’t lying, there is no CODE in GDevelop, but there’s algorithm building (programming) with typified events that explicitly explain what they are doing. So, it’s game programming simplified to the core, without coding, no more nor less.

  4. If you want to make videogames, you need to learn how to set conditions and actions in a logic order. In a very basic level, that’s programming… stuff like “if somehting is happening, then another thing happens” (if user press A then red balloons explode, etc), and it will take some time for you to learn, is natural.

  5. Don’t try to make a big game at first, but to just move a sprite and then to hit a collition with another. There are lots of tutorials and lots of users eager to help you in this forum. Step 1: stop self-pitying and giving ground to frustration. If you say you simply don’t understand anything… well, we don’t have idea how to help you because we don’t even know exactly where do you get stuck; but, if you ask for the smallest thing you don’t understand (one at a time and even if you think it’s a stupid question-----let’s be clear: there are no stupid questions), we’ll gladly explain it for you until you get the idea, same way everyone has learned here.


Unfortunately I’m not sure why that is or what do you mean. In my opinion the event system of GDevelop is very easy to use and offer a very easy way to get in to game programming and very logical. But many people did complain about the tutorials indeed, the tutorials are not the best for sure but so far no one told the event system doesn’t make any sense. :confused:

You can, maybe only need more time than others or you should try a different tool.
I made a list of beginner friendly tools here: … rameworks-

The one may fit you the best from the list is Buildbox.
It is not free, but very beginner friendly because what you do essentially is select a template for a game and basically add remove complete features as you see fit and add assets like player character, enemies, background. No coding, no programming required unlike GDevelop. GDevelop do require programming but no coding. Buildbox doesn’t require either of those.

For FPS/TPS games you can try GameGuru and FPS Creator

For car racing games, try 3DRad

For a Shoot 'Em Up , try Shoot 'Em Up Kit
The above tools does not require any code and programming at all but also may find them limited in some areas.

And then for RPG games you may want to try 001 Game Creator and RPG Maker … g-maker-mv
But just like GDevelop they do require some level of programming but considering the complexity of an RPG Game, the amount of programming you need to do is relatively small but still require time and effort to master it.

In my honest opinion, GDevelop is still your best option if you are patient enough, but if it not working for you I recommend the above tools to take a look.

Or, take the time and learn a simple programming language. I would recommend Visual Basic because of simplicity and amount of learning materials you can find online and also in book stores and the actual documentation on Microsoft website is also really good.
Once you be familiar with concepts like Variables, Arrays, Statements, Loops, Functions, Conditional Operators, Operations with Numbers, Strings, Variables, Value Types…etc and you be able to write some simple, basic consol applications that is not exciting for sure but a start. After, it will be a lot easier to come here and understand the concepts of Events, Condtions, Actions, Behaviors, Expressions, Scene variables, Objects variables, Structures and the rest in GDevelop. Normally, it is the other way around for most people, they start with GD and then move on to a more advanced engine and programming language, but you might need to start with a programming language first.

Either way, you need to be patient…

Good luck.

An event is just a way of chopping up all the tasks you want the game engine to do, into smaller chunks. Each event has two parts:

  1. Things to check (CONDITIONS)
  2. Things to do (ACTIONS)

Actions are the obvious changes like making the player jump, playing a sound effect, creating a new object or destroying one. You may want a particular action to happen all the time (like updating a speedometer to show the correct speed), or you may only want the action to happen under certain conditions (like when the player dies). When an event has both an action and a condition you make the actions only occur in response to a change in the game. That may be in response to something the player does, in response to a change in the amount of something, a change in position, or all sorts of other things.

Chopping up the “code” into events makes it far easier to see what’s going on, but also allows more flexibility, for instance if you have picked up a power-up then the bullets the spaceship shoots should now look different and act differently to the original ones. You can control all of this with two events:

  1. An event that detects the collision between the spaceship and the power-up [CONDITION] and changes the current bullet type [ACTION]
  2. An event that checks what sort of bullet to use when the fire button is pressed [CONDITION] and then creates that sort of bullet [ACTION]

Sub-events let you check several different possibilities within one overall condition e.g. the overall condition could be that the fire button is pressed. You could then add sub-events along the lines of:

If bullet type =1 [CONDITION] create bullet1 at the gun tip and add a force of 2 to the bullet to make it move [ACTION]
If bullet type =2 create bullet2 at the gun tip and add a force of 4 to the bullet to make it move
If bullet type =3 create bullet3 at the gun tip and add a force of 10 to the bullet to make it move
If bullet type =4 create bullet4 at the gun tip and add a force of 20 to the bullet to make it move

Pressing the fire button will therefore always create a bullet, but which type of bullet depends on which is the currently selected bullet.

I have never really agreed with the claim that GDevelop is a codeless game creator, but it does remove the need to do the really difficult and fundamental programming. You need to understand how it does loops and variables (the nuts and bolts of any programming language), but you don’t need to learn anything like as much as a programmer would.

I’m with you on this. GDevelop isn’t as easy as they make it seem. It’s a play on words to say no coding, when in reality you do have to understand code in order to put the events together correctly, which is the same as coding in my opinion, at least for people that were hoping to just drag and drop things into their games and they’re off and running. GDevelop is only easy for those that already understand how to code. It’s definitely frustrating and discouraging that there aren’t any tutorials for complete noobs.