Spaceship Exhaust Issues

I am trying to get this animation of the exhaust to work properly. For some reason its seems as if it only plays two frames even though I have it on loop.

The animation I got above the spaceship is how the exhaust SHOULD look. Any advice? Video and picture included.

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The problem is caused due to multiple exhaust objects being created on top of each other since you are looping the creation every 0.1 seconds. In every 0.1s interval, a new Exhaust object is being created on top of each other.

I am still an amateur in all of this. What do you recommend to fix this?

What do you want to achieve with this feature? Do you want it to show it when the user presses a button or always want to show the exhaust?

at the beginning of scene create object
then if your animation is on loop in the sprite properties you have nothing to do, if not, start the timer at the beggining of scene and then use the event you have now when timer > 0.1 seconds and set animation to 0 (I guess you have only one animation) and reset timer again

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I am wanting that exhaust animation to be the spaceships idle stance. No keys pressed.

Okay. I will try. Like I said i am new at this but I will definitely try. Thanks for the advice.

hi, take a look at the platformer tutorial, you can have an idle animation, and then define other for movement and so.

Great idea. Will definitely be doing that.