Spatial Audio Volume is Very Low

Hey there!

So im still working with spatial audio and there seems to be another issue. I understand that the volume will be decreasing with distance as is stated in the “action”. However its still super silent if the listeners position is matching the sound sources position. Ive done a test and checked the distances between both objects and even within the distance of 1 it is nowhere near as loud as a sound file playing without spatial audio. I have to crank the gain all the way up aswell as volume to get a somewhat audible signal. Is there any fix for this?

My soundfiles are all normalized and it doesnt matter how many channels i use.

@E1e5en kindly shared an example here on the Forum. You can drag the sound source literally inside the listener and its still quiet. (I hope its okay if i plug this here)

Solution: Dont use the Y Position but the Z Position for your Y Coordinate. Thats why even when i was ontop of the source it was still way above me!! lol

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