Spatial Sound : way too complex?


every time I am trying to use Spatial Sound, I find it incredibly complex. Mainly due to the fact that it does use the same coordinate system as the game’s one.
Today in a workshop I was trying to explain it to beginners… What a nightmare… (Why swapping y and z ? Why to do we need to divide by a value ?)

Wouldn’t it be more convinient if is was using the same coordinate system any the objects, with an extra parameter for the source : “Distance at which the sound plays at 100%” ?

Also, the reference for Spacial Sound is missing a lot of information… Spatial sound - GDevelop documentation (there is nothing about that coordinates swap).


I agree with that. I preferred to write my own function instead of learning spatial sound. It should actually be customized, I think.

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I agree with the OP, its not straightforward