Spawn a object at a random clone of another object

hello !
Im working on a Pixel Art Tower Defense Game and I want that the slime spawns at 1 of 9 clones of the red object. How to do this? Please help.

there ia a condition “pick random”. use that, and give the red object its target. this will look something like: pick random red object. and than do your actions. create slime at red object X() , red object Y(), ect…

When I wanted the same kind of thing I just duplicated the boxes and made them different objects and made a point in them called spawn.

And then did:
If timer spwanrate> how frequently you want slime to spawn : set variable to random in range (0,1) ,reset timer

If variable=0: create slime at point "spawn"in box
Trigger once

If variable =1:create slime at point 'spawn’in box1
Trigger once

I used this for a game jam, and had to find a solution fast. So, I don’t think it is the best or the most optimized way.

@Gyuszko That’s better. Use that it should be more optimized

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ok tysm for helping!