Spawn all the members of a group

Hi, I have to spawn all the sprites contained in a group (in the same point). Right now I have 1 event for each sprite, but I’d like to simplify; how can I reduce the number of lines and spawn all the members of a group?

To create the object in a group, you need to provide the object name. So you’ll need to have a create command for each group member. There is no “For all objects in a group” condition or loop control.

To avoid a create command for each group object, you could put all the object names into an array. Then you iterate through the array, and create the object using the the name from the array.

Yes, it’s duplicating information, but there is no way of avoiding it. It’s an easy way, because all you need to do it add an object name to the array (and get the spelling and case correct).