Special attack for my character

what I want is for my character to make an attack that attacks several enemies, the attack will be to shoot several arrows at the sky so that several fall, but for that create a bar that when full can do that, the problem is that it is not done that several arrows fall or that when the bar is at a certain point it can use that attack.

So there’s two problems: the arrow does not fall properly, and the player can use it without filling up their special bar?
Can you elaborate more, with events hopefully?

when you press the keys, it attacks even though the bar is not full and the arrows I don’t know how to make my player shoot several, should I make other arrows that have more weight so that they fall to the ground quickly?

For the first part it depends on if you using a variable or not, when Space bar is pressed add a condition to check for variable or bar width.
For the arrows, yes that can work! But I’m not sure how you are shooting them.
You can use For Each event to modify the angle of each arrow based on player’s position, or you can also use Random() function to randomize the angle by certain amount.
The important thing is that they need to be launched differently, so it’s most likely a Repeat or For Each event.

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