Speed up only a certain animation

hi, how can I just speed up the reload animation in my weapon group?

once the charging animation is performed, all other animations are accelerated.
I need to take into account only the charging animation

You could set the speed of each animation in the object editor.

@MrMen I am facing exact same problem as he so maybe i can clarify
Imagine i have platform character which attacks are animation based
For example i have swing attack where player swing his arm
And depending on which weapon player currently have equipped
He throws this weapon
One of them is knife thrown left or right depending of player orientation
Other is axe thrown diagonally up in a curved shape (think castlevania)

Now what i want is either
A - swing animation to be faster when knife is equipped so he throws knife faster than he would throw axes
B - swing animation to accelerate gradually to some speed when i hold special weapon button for some time so he start spitting knifes faster over time
And reset back to original speed when special weapon button is released

I was able to achieve both A and B
But if move ro do any kind of other animation like even walking
Then walking animation is also affected by speed scale factor
That is the issue here that you have no control which exact animation to change speed scale but instead all of them

@ilary27 As for possible solution
Only way i found so far is to change speed scale only with additional condition of in what animation player currently is or is not

So for example you change speed scale to 2 if player animation is attack
But then in another event you change it back to 1 if player animation is not equal attack

And so go on

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In which case, would the following be a viable solution?

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I am not sure
I did not implement yet hurt animation (when player gets damage)
So if it would be in half of the animation if ricarica (for me swing animation)
Which let’s say have 10 frames i was hit on frame 5
Then would animation be finished?
Or not?
Does finished mean not ON atm or it means it reached last frame of animation?
On top of that you change animation to idle in your action
But what if i would wish to hold right after my swing animation is done (i block player movement when swing animation plays)
To my understanding player would 1st stop swing then get 1 frame of idle animation displayed then it would switch to walk/run animation
And walk/run animation can be dramatically different than idle animation
For example player could lean into moving direction
Which would make your solution work kinda junky
It is good idea i give you that
But i gonna stick to solution from my previous post

what I wanted to create was a speed powerup on the weapon animation, where every time the player took the powerup it increased the speed.
this seems to work

do you think there are better solutions?
thank you guys

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