Spite ignores collision and crashes game (Solved)

Not sure why this is happening but when the player controlled sprite runs into a box that has been marked with a collision condition it does one of three things. A, it works as its meant to, B, it gets stuck or C, it crashes the game.

Im also noticing the game freezes when the sprite moves over a certain tile for seemingly no reason, you can see that at the end of the gif.

What’s causing so many collision issues? Im following what the guides say your meant to do for collision.

Here you can see the sprite getting stuck.

These two are the spots that freeze.

And finally here is the teleporting through the boxes.

This is what im using for the collision

Ok i fixed the crashing problem but the teleporting and getting stuck on collisions is still happening.

How does your guy move?

Sorry i might actually delete this post, i figured out what the problem was, firstly the idle animations were conflicting with one another if you pressed multiple keys so i added a “play once” for each of them. Secondly the reason it was crashing and getting stuck was the “remove all forces” in the collision section. I only added that because everyone seemed to recommended it but apparently it just breaks collision.

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Instead of deleting the post, it’s better to edit the title to add [SOLVED], to (maybe) help future readers. :slight_smile: