Splash screen loading numbers color change

Hello people. I want to color in black the numbers shown when the splash screen is loading. (Platform - Android) Can I do it? And if yes, can I change it from myproject.json or should I export it manually and look for other files?

There is only one setting at the moment, it’s disable/enable the splash screen.
You can go here and vote for the feature: Trello
If you know how to read javascript/c++, you can go to the github and search in the source code, it should tell you if/how it’s possible to do it.


I found a way to change the color of the numbers… pretty easy actually. (Writing only for those who may be interested); Bouh has already explained this several times before. The only thing you’ll need will be a code editor, in my case it was Visual Studio Code. Then you should just find the “pixi-renderers” folder in the GDevelop installation directory and open loadingscreen-pixi-renderer.js with your code editor.


After you’ve opened this file with your code editor just find fill: #FFFFFF; Then change it to the needed color using HTML color code. (Black = #000000)

P.S. Many people would like to use their own splash screen images, it’s possible with a little knowledge of PixiJS. (Thanks for this info to Bouh and his custom splash screen mod) Still if you can, try to mention the GDevelop in credits =)


Hello, i see already new people asking to me or to other people how it’s work or how change it.

There was a discussion between the moderators about the wild changes to the code.
It was agreed that we will no longer help users tinker with the code because I quote:

It’s problematic for two reasons:

First, it’s something for which I’d like people to contribute to GDevelop by subscribing. By explaining how to by pass this, it’s harming GDevelop development and GDevelop future. For example, I was considering making prizes or hire freelance in the future if I can get enough subscribers.

Second, the solution implies to modify the game engine. This is dangerous for beginners, and highly discouraged because it can create bugs if not done properly/break the software. I don’t have time to support these.

Source: 4ian

If you know how to do it, you can still do it, but no help or support will be given to do it or correct errors if you edit the code.
The more visible the software is, the more support it will have. The faster it can develop.

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