Splatter Physics?

I want for when my character to die or get hit blood comes out and splashes at random places. is GDevelop capable of this?

Like This:

Like This

Particles are pretty good, here’s a bit about them:


Particles wouldn’t be a great fit there, but that looks definitely possible. Here is how I would do it:

  1. Create a “FlyingBlood” object with the physics behavior that looks like the tiny flying blood particles
  2. Create a “SplatteredBlood” object that looks like the splashes of blood on the walls
  3. When the enemy dies, use a repeat event with 360, to create 360 blood splatter objects and apply to each an impulse in the dirrection of a different angle from 0 to 360
  4. When a “FlyingBlood” collides with a platform to be tainted with blood, delete the FlyingBlood, and create a SplatteredBlood at it’s position
  5. Use the mask extension to mask the blood with the platforms, making the blood splash cut off around the platform to make sure it is only on the platform