Sprite Disappears after Animation

Have not seen this issue anywhere in the forums yet.

PC Sprite (platform char) has custom Jump animation. When enabled the sprite plays the animation once, then just disappears. Animation is played too fast, and almost like the sprite is smashed into 0 pixel tall and does not come back.

If I disable the animation the sprite behaves normally. This leads me to believe the error is with the animation, but settings are the same as every other PC sprite I have made, that work properly.

Any ideas about what else to try would be appreciated!

Since there’s little to go on, there are only two things I can think of. Check if there are empty frames at the end, and make sure the animation fps isn’t too high (you can see and set it in the sprite editor.)
Oh, and check if you may have accidentally left over any other actions that’d only play alongside said jump animation. Like an accidentally left-over size tween or something…


Both of those have been checked. I will get a sample, but it will likely not be until tomorrow.

Here is the sample:Error example