sprite fade through time?

Is there a event that can make sprite fade through time. I want to show screen which is seen at the beginning of a level and contain title of that level. Can i do that. I don’t wanna animate these images.

You can fade in/out varying he sprite opacity. Darkhog shared some time ago a splashcreen, the old GD logo fade in and out, you can get it here:
[url]GDevelop splash for your games!]

To setup a simple fade-out, just do:

Conditions: No conditions Actions: Do - TimeDelta()*100 to the opacity of SpriteObject
It subtracts 100 opacity units per seconds, opacity is between 0-255, so the object will disappear in 2.55 seconds (if the starting opacity is 255). If you keep subtracting, instead sets a negative opacity, GD sets it = 0 :slight_smile:

thanks man