Sprite Font Demo

Not a question, but temporarily solution for those, who have problems with unicode characters.

There may be typos in text so, excuse me.

It might be a little complicated to use, but… duh, I’m to tierd, just leave it here.
Hope that thing will work -_____-"

Sprite font updated.zip (95.2 KB)

Thanks! Interesting solution. :slight_smile: Might be really time consuming to convert every letter in a sprite. I hope there is some program to do it. :wink:

Cool, I was thinking something like it :wink:

Well, you can make a monospace font on one sheet and than cut it into sprites through Convert Image → Decompose spritesheet in Game Develop. I’m not a fan of monospace fonts, they look not so neat, so I made my fonts in more hemorrhoid way.

Also, I figured out how to drastically improve tags system. Like tag with container, for ex. {color=red} or {delay=3} instead of that crap {[speed0]}
I just need cycles. Cycles… Cycles… x__________x

That’s a good one, but I feel it’d be better if it would be an extension. Not only sprite fonts may bypass unicode limitations of GD games, but you can do all sorts of cool things with them, like gradients, outlines, shadows, etc.

Updated version of Sprite font in the first post.

I know it’s been a while this topic hadn’t any reply or anything but I was wondering if you could make so all the text appears at once instead of it “writing” the letters?