Sprite going through platform block (solved)

Hello everyone, I’m a new gdevelop user.

I just changed the player sprite at the default platformer game with my sprite . The problem is, half of my sprite’s body go through the platform. How to fix this?


Alright, in the platformer demo, there are two 2 sprites that make up the player. The visual sprite (involving the picture the player sees) and the hitbox sprite (a red box that collisions are based on.) You increased the size of the visual sprite, but not of the hitbox sprite. Change it so they’re the same size and it should be fixed.

Oh, and by the way, I believe there’s a platformer-making tutorial. You should check it out if you haven’t already.


Check the hitbox of your player the one you are using to player move.
If you’re using the platformer sample the hitbox is the red rectangle so you need to fit the dimensions to the dog sprite.

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thank you so much!
I’ll check that tutorial as well.

okay, thank you so much!