Sprite object editor - copy paste features! And usability

It is painfully slow to work without them. Can you add the ability to:

  • Duplicate an animation sequence (copy>paste)
  • Duplicate animation frames (this one would be incredibly useful!)

Usability features

  • For image points -make the editor remember the toggle button’s state of “apply changes to whole animation”. Right now it keeps re-enabling itself every time you open the editor. That introduces the possibility of human error - of loosing your image points. What is worse, it is an action you can not undo.
    -Add ability to undo changes to image points. Undo in general is not present in that editor at all.

Adding to the list of animation sequence editing:

  • Add the ability to change the number of an animation sequence (move it up or down the stack)

Another thing I had trouble with is the inability to reorder frames in animation sequence. So add this to the list.

Has my vote :smiley:

You can reorder them with the keyboard, “J” and “K”, just can’t drag :wink:

you cant select multiple to move left and right.
Also clicking and dragging would be more intuitive and take less effort