Sprite scaling imperfectly!


I’ve found a through answer in the following websites:
gamedev.stackexchange.com/quest … her-images

Old post:

Salutations, helpful people! I’m here again, in need of your precious assistance!

I’ve been making sprites for my game and learning how laborious such a task is, and I’ve decided to begin determining and testing the numerous screen resolutions in the 16:9 aspect ratio (as that is the resolution 2/3 of surveyed Steam users posses) as early as possible as to avoid any issues too late!

While testing, I’ve discovered my sprites scale up imperfectly! To illustrate, look at the examples below:

Sprite in its original form:

Sprite scaled up:

Can this be solved? Scaling down has its own share of issues, and smoothing doesn’t solve the problem, either!
Thanks to anyone willing to help in advance!