Sprite shaking while walking in diagonal

Example: Screen capture - 134f7943731610cee09b5b56ab71d052 - Gyazo

In other engines that doesn’t happen, probably a bug?

Thanks in advance.

Have you ticked this?

Yes, in other engine when i turn this on and walk on diagonals the sprite doesnt shake, what could it be?

Can you include a screenshot of your events that control the movement?

I didn’t use any events, only the top down movement behavior

this is just 1 sprite?
otherwise it really looks like diagonal movement is disabled.
could you upload this file? i cannot reproduce it.

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I concur with @Slash’s confusion and conclusion. What happens if you create a new project, add to the scene a sprite with top-down-movement behaviour and nothing else, i.e., just a single sprite and no events?