Sprite Sheet text? [RESOLVED]

Hello, I have a question, Gdevelop provides you with an option to implement text, if not, you can manually place whole words as Sprites, then the question is the following: Why put a Sprite sheet with each letter and character? (I don’t understand, if the engine already has it, why is this?) It gives you an advantage, can you create something with it? Does it have any function?

This exists to achieve a better text quality and for effects like this.


Thanks, basically is style or “letter skin”. I can do “character” wrote the text? Or generate text, because player wrote?

bad translation, i don’t really know what you mean. but I think you can use the bitmap text just like the normal text object.

The problem with normal text is that the images are auto-generated by the browser from the font file’s vector graphics, but it doesn’t work very well and is not very flexible, which can cause all kinds of problems, especially when trying to scale (change the size) of a text. A bitmap text, in addition to being able to contain colors in the font, works with normal images, just like sprites, allowing it to have all the flexibility you’d have with normal sprites. That means:

  • Scaling normally like a sprite
  • Have the project settings for Antialiasing respected (browser font rendering forces antialiasing)
  • Way more performance (the browser doesn’t has to create new images from the font files in real time anymore)

So yes the bitmap font has many advantages. Of course, the normal text has the advantage of being super fast and easy to use, so it also has its place, it’s a matter of tradeoffs.

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Thanks all, and sorry for my bad english,I use this forum to learn English (Isn’t the best form) but I like answer in forum, and about text. How i can put text box? For players write text in the text box, or one random character expalins the quest! I know I can use events “if you touch X button, appears X letter”, but in Long texts using sprites, cost memory no?

Ok, i learnd and now I understand, The letters in Sprite are limited and in long text just repeat sprites and don’t make news, that isn’t use expensive memory! Now I can put [Resolved]