Sprite size and Game Resolution for Android

I am trying to create a puzzle platformer for android. I have been through several discussions in the forum but I am still confused to what should be the size of my tile sprites and game resolution.
I have tried tiles of 32x32 and a game resolution of 1280x720, and still the contents seem to be too small. What should be the sprite size and the game resolution. Like if I use smaller sprites and low resolution and then change the resolution through events, it doesn’t scale up the things. It just increases the resolution and all the sprites remain the same size.
I have switched on adapt width to screen size
Is there any option or event through which I can scale up everything? May be changing the camera window size or something like that. Like I will use better quality sprites, which when scaled up won’t get blurry.
I am new to Gdevelop and I am doing good with the player and environment mechanics as of now but I am stuck with the resolution problem. I am having certain touch related problems as well but for now I need this thing fixed. Help me guys if you can!
Thank You :heart::heart:

Hello Arsif,
can you explain me “change the resolution through events” with the code ?


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Hi, one thing I do is to apply camera zoom instead of 1 to 2 then in settings set No change Game size and in the first scene add

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Hey there, I meant this

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Hi there, that seems good. I’ll try it and let you know. Thank you

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Hey, it seems to be working pretty fine. This means a great advancement for me. thanx a lot :heart:
Can you tell me what is the sprite size I must use. 32x32 or 64x64 for android devices. I am using 32x32 as of now.

About the size is up to you, if your game looks good with 32 is ok, I used to 16X16 and 32x32 but is because my games assets are pixel art, but you can use any size that fit your needs.
The only relevant thing is the final size of the game in MB if you use too much assets.
In my last game I used 13.000 assets all in pixel art different sizes and the game was about 80 MB.
All png compressed with imgcompress on Mac.

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Thanx a lot my man! My assets are pixel art too. At the beginning I was using 8x8 and that was giving me hell of a problem because of this. You solved it. Thanx a lot :heart::heart::blush::blush:

Sorry to disturb once again. I tried the settings on my computer and it worked pretty well. When I exported the same to my android, something went wrong I guess! Could you help me with that?

Here is a sample game scene. When I am using 640x360 as the game resolution (16:9 aspect ratio)

This is what happens when I use 1920x1080 for the game resolution:

These are my events:

Like when I am using lower resolution with the correct aspect ratio, it still has the black bars on both sides. And when I am using higher resolution, why can’t I just limit the camera or zoom in the came to certain coordinates near the player. And the quality is also degrading even though I have used 32x32 which are well scalable to 64x64 without any noticeable quality loss.
Note: I have used limited camera for limiting the camera to not go beyond the leftmost and rightmost end of the scene to avoid seeing empty space.

Remember to apply the camera zoom to 2 that way when you set 1920x1080 all is going to seem like in 640x360

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Thanks for the help. That is working quite well for now.

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