Sprite snapshot copy in animation index

Does anyone have an idea how I can use the sprite snapshot extension to copy the copied image to a specific animation index?

Change animation index, copy image, change index to previous.

Ah, ok. Thanks, i try this.

Would it be possible for it to work for global objects too?
Like LoadImageFromURL and your UploadDownloadImageFile do.

I mean, why would not it be possible?

Ohh “replace base texture” is not a thing in the sprite snapshot extension, right? You should be able to workaround it converting to base64 and back to the object.

I added a new feature in my extension “Extract base64”, it will extract the base64 of the image of any object so you can store it or read it

(The new download is down there somewhere) New extension: UploadDownloadImageFile by github-actions[bot] · Pull Request #1131 · GDevelopApp/GDevelop-extensions · GitHub

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Okay thank you.

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