Sprite with meshes

how do i use mesh in sprites? it is possible in c3.

i want to use mesh for 3D stuff and i cant seem to find how to do it, is it just not out yet?

If I understand correctly, you want to add a 3d mesh? If so, use a 3d model object, as there is no way to use a 3d model in a sprite object. If you really need to use a sprite (cuz some behaviours dont work on 3d model objects), either use an invisible sprite with a model linked to it and made to follow it, or render your 3d model into a spritesheet. If that doesnt help, im not sure.

2D sprite with mesh.

GDevelop doesn’t have 2D meshes, and they’re not even on the roadmap. Neither are they a priority for this engine at the moment, AND THAT’S OKAY, because this is not C3.

Anyway, you can achieve simple stretch/bounce effects on 2D sprites using tweens.